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Published on June 17 2014

I've discovered the website by chance, reading an artist interview.

The website offers modern designer classic furniture and decorative items inspired by
famous designers.

This is not the reason that pushed me to visit the website as I did not know what it was about.
After few clicks, I felt in love for a ceiling light (good! the one I had in my front room was just... well, not to my taste). Do not mind it is inspired by x or y, I love its design and it will be very nice in my apartment.

Ok, purchase done! They said it would take 10 working days to have it.
I received a first email on the same day certifying the invoice had been payed. I had a second one 5 days later to say my order had been dispatched and after 4 more days the packet was delivered.
Positif point: the respect of the delivery time announced and the fact to be informed from
the moment of the purchase to the delivery.

My ceiling light is packed in a very nice black box, like a jewel. I have the impression to receive something important. By contrast, the thickness of the box reminds me those from Ikea...I should assembly it myself.

Well, it was mentioned on the website, I can't say I did not know it.
(But this is not the case for all the models, some are supplied fully assembled).

I did not notice just one thing (but that is my fault, I did not read everything): the cable and electrics were not supplied.
Once the surprise gone, I thought it was quite logical:
- firstly, because we could choose ourselves the colour (black or white) and the length of the cable for about 10€ (in Italy or even in France)
- Secondly because it would have uselessly increased the delivery costs

Negative point about this : the delivery costs are quite high, better to order several items then.

The ceiling light is now assembled (quite easily, in about 10 min) and installed (idem).

I am very satisfied by my purchase. : approved!

PS : my photo camera has just decided to die and my iPhone..well it is a phone and not a
professional camera. So I will post the pictures of the ceiling light in my apartment later on.
All my apologies for that. Thanks for your comprehension.

Pictures @bluesuntree
Pictures @bluesuntree

Pictures @bluesuntree

The little pretty black box
The little pretty black box

The little pretty black box

Written by Lauren V.

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